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When the world shifts and changes strike in cataclysmic ways, art can be a mirror and a compass, revealing who we are in the moment and pointing to new possibilities.  Artists take up the cause of our collective social conscience and challenge prevailing ideas, express human aspirations, define struggles, or model roads forward.  And maybe make something else entirely. The call went out to all, including UNLV faculty, staff, alumni, and community members, to address the concept of Justice.  What came back was a range of art that tackled topics engendered by Justice from police brutality and Black Lives Matter to transgender civil rights, protest, decay and erosion, lives lost, equity and reform.  All media was welcome, and submissions were received including performance and dance videos, drawings, paintings, collages, photographs, mosaics, posters, illustrations and poetry.  Thank you to all who entered!  Presented here are the selections agreed upon by the jurors, as are their Juror’s Choices. And thank you to Michael Fong and Dave Rowe for serving as our jurors!

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