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The Feeling of Home

The Feeling of Home displays the works of UNLV students and their takes on the idea of home. This show is contextualized by the strenuous year we have all endured, as well as the greater amount of time we have been spending at home. This exhibition has invited the artists to present their own notions of home, be it a place, feeling, person, concept, or otherwise.

Some artists envision their sense of home in the context of the outdoors, both in Las Vegas and outside the city. Others portray home as the relationships between people, whether that of a mother and child or as the bond between friends passing time in each other’s company.¬†Contrastingly, still others reference the role of technology in relation to the sense of home.

Participating Artists

Monica Aspiras – Zach Cortez – Ambre Daudet – Sam Ganados – Jeffrey Harris – Jeremy Miller –

Nhan Nguyen – Ethan Nobes – Randall Quillopo – Arin Sanguansin – Clara Tang – Nanako Wagley

About the Curators

Ilyana Raymond is a senior in her Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Art History degrees, with an interest in art centering around identity.

Katie Castro majors in Fine Arts with a concentration in sculpture and minors in Art History and Secondary Education.

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